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Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Lucille Barbee
Deaconess Mary Burnett
Deaconess Evelyn Burnette
Deaconess Julie Cheek
Deaconess Thomasine Cozart 
Deaconess Sondra Epps 
Deaconess Alice Farrar 
Deaconess Mary Lois Farrar 
Deaconess Essie Farrington
Deaconess Dianne Greene
Deaconess Ebony Harrington
Deaconess Cassandra Herndon 
Deaconess Felicia Herndon 
Deacon Kathleen Herndon-Lee – Advisor 
Deaconess Lisa Herndon Ware 
Deaconess Cheryl Hodge - Director

Deaconess Valerie Horton
Deaconess Janette Jackson
Deaconess Johnetta Malloy-Cannady
Deaconess Brenda McIver – Co-Director
Deaconess Constance Pattillo
Deaconess Carly Peace

Deaconess Barbara Revels
Deaconess Gwen Revels-Smith
Deaconess Betty Robinson
Deaconess Pamala Rogers
Deaconess Regina Simmons
Deaconess Evelene Suitt
Deaconess Betty Tyner
Deaconess Mattie Wilson
Deaconess Wanda Wilson
Deaconess Juanita Young

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